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Accounting Firm Marketing: Learning How to Do It the Proper Way

accounting firm marketing

Bookkeeping, financial advices and tax-related services are just some of the responsibilities of accounting firms. Competition in the accounting industry is tight for both people and businesses and as with any other enterprise, an accounting firm should learn how to properly market itself not only to its repeat clients but also to new, potential customers, in order to flourish.

The majority of big accounting firms that have branches in several, different areas in the world usually have their own accounting firm marketing and PR teams that handle their business development. However, smaller accounting companies need to be really effective when it comes to their marketing strategies. Marketing your accounting firm offers a lot of benefits to your company. These strategies include increased visibility, creating stronger and more effective brand, as well as better communication with clients.

Create an organized marketing plan.

If you want to achieve all of your marketing goals, your accounting firm marketing team should create a well-organized plan, which includes your firm’s objectives and target clients. If you are after small businesses with 30 or 40 employees, then you should jot it down. Moreover, if you want to reach individuals who are looking for help when it comes to their taxes, then you must also include it in your marketing plan.

When creating a marketing plan, do not forget to do a SWOT analysis. It stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Doing this can help you determine the factors that can affect your accounting business.

Get referrals from clients.

Do not hesitate to ask your current clients for them to recommend you to their colleagues, families, or friends. This is totally free and does not require a lot of effort. Also, do not forget to offer some discounts to your clients who help you get new customers. Taking 5 or 10% off their monthly retainer is not bad for clients who refer a new customer to your firm.

Brand your accounting firm.

Keep in mind that your brand defines your accounting firm.Your brand should include your best business practices, mission, logo, as well as values.

Enhance marketing materials.

Check your marketing materials, such as business cards, brochures, newsletters, and everything in between. If you can further improve them, you may want to consider hiring a graphic artist to make them stand out. Also, keep in mind that your marketing materials should also reflect your firm. Branding must be consistent as well.

Improve your website

Almost all businesses nowadays are using websites to disseminate information about their companies. Therefore, you need to make sure that your website is not only attractive but also contains essential information that your clients need, Remember to make these contents as engaging as possible.

Network more.

You can further market your accounting firm through networking. This will help you become more visible to others. Consider joining a local chamber of commerce. As much as possible, participate in a lot of events and keep in touch with everyone you meet. Join to either local and national associations or civic organizations. Showcase your firm and all the services that you offer.

Most clients today are using the Internet, so you need to make use of social media too. You can start by creating your own Twitter and Facebook account or page. You may also begin blogging to market your firm and keep in touch with current and potential clients. Choose topics that are relevant to the products or services that your firm offers to get more attention from possible clients.

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